Arrive and Thrive is listed as a Wall Street Journal Best Seller!

Celebrating the Debut of Arrive and Thrive

Co-authors Susan MacKenty BradyJanet Foutty, and Lynn Perry Wooten celebrated the official launch of their new book Arrive and Thrive at the 43rd Simmons Leadership Conference, a virtual event held on April 13. In this intimate fireside chat moderated by Kerry Seitz, Vice President of Women’s Leadership at the Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership, Susan recalled how the concept of the book, now a best seller, was born out of a powerful conversation among she and three other women leaders.

“We were discussing how when women arrive in positions of leadership, they don’t have enough support, and the idea of the book came to be,” Susan said. “We realized that the three of us have years of collective leadership experience to share.”

The Authors Discuss the 7 Impactful Practices

They co-authors spoke about the practice that has resonated with them most throughout their leadership journey. Read on for their wisdom and advice!

Susan MacKenty Brady
Practice #1: Investing in Your Best Self

Investing in our best self means we don’t forget about ourselves in our leadership journey. It’s incumbent for women in particular to think about our strengths, what brings us joy, where we are called to be in service of others. Embrace her. Know her. Return to her.” 

Being your best self is not a constant state. Life happens! First you have to know your best self, and then you have to return to her.” 

“Ask for grace and help, especially in difficult times. Know when to stand down. Learn how to let the people around you have your back.” 


Susan MacKenty Brady headshot.

Janet Foutty
Practice #5: Inspiring a Bold Vision

“To inspire a bold vision is about listening for new ideas, about connecting the dots, looking for white space. How you inspire others around you is about the manner with which you communicate to a wide variety of audiences about where you want to take the team, the organization, and move the idea forward.”

“Have courageous conversations. Steel yourself for a conversation that might be difficult or awkward. Be prepared. Practice, practice, practice.”

“You HAVE to be authentic if you want to know yourself.”


Janet Foutty headshot.

Lynn Perry Wooten
Practice #6: Building Healthy Teams

“Teamwork is the essence of everything we do. The number one job is building a winning team. It starts with you having to understand everyone’s strengths on a team. You want people to show up, be their best selves, and compliment others’ strengths.”

My job is not only to be my best self but to empower others on my team to be their best selves.”

Something I learned from my mother is to have a vision for everything you do. If you have a vision it’s your roadmap, and you can use it to inspire others.

Lynn Perry Wooten headshot.

The authors concluded this insightful discussion by reminding us that being our best and authentic selves is an ongoing process. “When I think of the chapters of my personal and professional life, being my best self has evolved and changed over time,” Janet said. Lynn added, “When I think about Arrive and Thrive, I think of the Amtrak train. You arrive, you thrive, and then go on to the next destination. It’s a cycle.”

Susan provided perhaps the most important takeaway from the discussion: Don’t embark on the leadership journey alone.

This is the first of two posts that highlight discussions about Arrive and Thrive at the 43rd Simmons Leadership Conference. Next up: Susan MacKenty Brady talks about finding—and returning to—your best self.