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Better Understanding Podcast: A Conversation with Darlene Slaughter

Featuring Darlene Slaughter, Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement Officer at the March of Dimes

The Better Understanding Podcast, hosted by Susan MacKenty Brady, is an invitation—a gentle and open-hearted extended hand—to increase our ability to work and live more effectively. It all begins with understanding ourselves and understanding others.

If you want to understand what leading inclusively means and how to overcome any fear you may have regarding missteps or mistakes you may make while you learn to lead inclusively, you will be happy to meet this week’s Better Understanding guest, Darlene Slaughter.

Darlene leads with an open heart as she makes complex issues easier for others to understand.

In this conversation, Darlene and Susan discuss how leading authentically with good intentions brings others onboard. Susan and Darlene admit how scary it is to ask for feedback and discuss how to turn that fear into a gift allowing the recipient to focus on matching their impact to their intention.

First published by Simmons Institute for Inclusive Leadership on Mar 31, 2021
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