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Below is some excerpted comments from recent unsolicited emails sent in by satisfied users of this guide. These are the actual words of people who have kindly written in to voice their opinions. The people below have agreed to be quoted. Not everybody who has written in to voice their approval have responded to my request to their being quoted on this page. (I like to think that they had been helped in to Australia by my guide and their email addresses have changed.) People's full names have been omitted to protect their privacy and future plans. The location of the writer's below is not always stated in their emails and it seems some nationalities are more inclined to write in. Their exact emails are available to you upon request for your further inspection. I find the international appeal and approval received heart-warming.

"I am sure it will equip me with a great amount of knowledge that will be useful when I need it." - Nik M., Johannesburg, South Africa

"I think this download was well worth the money and I can't understand why anyone would think otherwise unless they weren't serious about the move. I thought you did a wonderful job on it. I appreciate the hard work you put into this. It's helped me a great deal." - L. Vickers from Bradford, England.

"So far so good, more info about the long term partnership application would be helpful, but it is written well, and we appreciate your assistance!" - S. Whitney from Spokane, Washington, USA

"I have bought your guides on New Zealand and absolutely loved it!!" - Alicia N. from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"Thank you very much! I'm really enjoying the ebook! It's great!" - N. Williams, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

"Your booklet is very comprehensive and you are to be commended." - D. Curtis, location unknown

"Have been reading your "Arrive and Thrive in NZ" and already found it to be helpful." - T. Watumull from Hawaii, USA.

"We will be finally leaving for N.Z. on the 4 April 2009 and I must say that your guide has provided me with a lot of insight and useful information, to which I THANK YOU!! Sometimes when I feel doubtful, I just read your guide... We did spend 5 weeks in N.Z. last year February and it was simply GORGEOUS. I had a problem with coming back to S.A. ... did not want to come back." - Sharron W. from Durban, South Africa

"Your information has proved invaluable in the first few paragraphs alone. I have not had a great deal of info from the NZIS as to the rules of RRVs and various other points. Thanks again." - S. Porter from Gauteng, South Africa

"I have started studying your guide and already found it to be of much, much more value than the price that I paid for it! I will be visiting your country soon to go job hunting and will be taking my laptop with your guide with me." - Nico V., location unknown.

"I really appreciate your excellent service!" - Angela P. from Tempe, Arizona, USA

"I am in the process of putting my application info provided by your guide is very helpful." - G. Jones from Bristol, England

"I've only been reading it for a few hours and I am already glad that I've gotten it! " - Natalie M. from Cape Town, South Africa.

"I've just finished reading "How to Arrive and Thrive in New Zealand" and I found it very useful, so I want to thank you" - Verem S. from Vienna, Austria

"I appreciate this very much and wish you all the best with your site, which is extremely informative to someone from another country" - Stefanie H. from Los Angeles, California

"I have been using your guide and find the information extremely useful! The coverage of visas is excellent. I would not have got through that maze by myself. " - Desmond N. from Dublin, Ireland

"Many thanks for your prompt replies. We have been issued with a visa for my husband with indefinite settlement. We are leaving in 2 months. Will defintely keep referring to your guide as it has been invaluable so far and will probably continue to be as we progress through our move to New Zealand." - Judy D. from Chicago, Illinois

"Hi, have found the info very useful and well worth the cost. I now feel that we can make our decisions on a much wiser basis." - Jon P. from Peterborough, UK

"I have visited your website named "how to arrive and thrive in New Zealand" it was really very useful,valuable and beautiful. I have never ever seen such a useful website yet, you know I have got alots of useful information in your website. It is really very essential for everyone. Thank you so much for doing all this." - Naveen M. from Bombay, India

"Dear Mr. Vandenberg, I am enjoying the guide! Very helpful in more ways than I could imagine!" - Sally C. from Brighton, England

"I just wanted to drop a note to say it is very well written, extremely informative, easy to read and comprehend and actually instructional" - Albert J. from New Jersey, USA

"I read excerpts on your website and was quite impressed with it, so I bought it. I was reading your guide till 11:30 pm last night and just couldn't stop reading. I really appreciate your effort and quality that you have put in to this. " - Antonio B. from Sao Paolo, Brazil

"I have found your information very good and easy to understand about the immigration process" - Sofia H. from Singapore

"The information in the copy I have is priceless. . .it answered so many of the questions that my partner and I have about New Zealand and about moving there, and it made me aware of things I never would have thought about! - J. Olmstead from London, UK

"I found the guide "relaxing" i.e. a lot of the things I had been concerned about were addressed on a basic common sense level... I ended up sitting back thinking "What's the problem". It is definitely good solid useable info." - Al A. from Mpumalanga, South Africa

"The information proved to be invaluable to my son, parts of it he found quite amusing. In reflection, it was right on the money!" - Dave B. from California, USA

"I have now read your excellent document in depth. It is really very informative - covering all bases, it must of taken you a lot of time, effort and research to complete." - Susan H. from Edinburgh, Scotland

"This is the most comprehensive and valuable document I have ever seen dealing with moving to New Zealand." - Anthony M., from New York, USA

"I purchased your incredibly informative "How to Arrive and Thrive in New Zealand" a couple of years back. On Tuesday 3rd I board a plane for Auckland." - J. Gibbs from Durban, South Africa

"I would like to thank you for such a superb product. While I've done significant research, none compare." - T. Wootten, from Alberta, Canada

"My wife and I took the time to look over our options to see if this is really what we want to do. The answer that came out of it all after reading your guide was an empathic "YES!!" I also figured that the purchase price was a small investment to make considering what can come out of it." - Marc & Anne B., from Lyons, France

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