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Below is some excerpted comments from recent unsolicited emails sent in by satisfied users of this guide. The international appeal and approval received is pleasing. These are the actual words of people who have kindly written in to voice their opinions. People's full names have been omitted to protect their privacy and future plans.

"I bought your guide today and I congratulate you on a really well-put together and helpful guide." - - P. Bailey from Cape Town, South Africa

"PERFECT! Thank you so very much! What an abundance of information. I look forward to studying and planning my move." - P. Bogan from Sydney, Australia.

"I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon reading through your guide, and found it so very helpful. You answered the questions I didn't know I should be asking-- and that's the hard part, knowing what questions to ask. One of the most validating statements was on a personal note: "the decision to relocate to a foreign country is a very personal and private one". " - C. Ward from Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Thank you for this great guide, and also for the pleasant transaction." - F. Slattery from Columbus, Ohio, USA

"Have already found your advice useful - thanks. We are UK citizens wanting to retire/semi-retire in Ireland. We'll let you know how we get on!" - M. & V. Jones from somewhere in the UK

"Thank you so much Vaughan. You've answered my query perfectly & alleviated a lot of stress on my part. Your package is ever so helpful & informative, the best I've ever come across. Keep us the excellent work!!" - M. Williams, location unknown

"I'm relocating from South Africa to Dublin, Ireland & have found your guide to be very informative and helpful :-)" - Margie from somewhere in South Africa

"We are absolutely delighted with it." - Tina B. from the Channel Islands

"It's excellent! It's answered a lot of my questions and I've already written to several of the addresses in the book for more information. Thank you very much." - C. Marsden, location unknown.

"Your guide was all it was tauted to be..." - Lynne S. from Topeka, Kansas, USA

"Let me congratulate you for a job well done. This is an excellent piece of work and a wonderful value for money." - Bola O., location unknown

" I bought your manual last week and though I haven't finished reading it, I must compliment and thank you for all your efforts in writing it. I am finding it so informative, a huge comfort and a deciding factor in my decision to leave SA to go to Ireland. I dearly love SA and am doing my utmost to get as much information as possible to ensure I make the right decision. " - Kim K. from Kempton Park, South Africa

"Thanks for putting together this much needed guide." - Rudi A. from London, England

"I am so impressed!" - Barbara H. from Cape Town, South Africa

"First of all guide is proving to be a god-send and I've only just started to read it! Thanks alone for that." - P. Godward from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

" Thank you for responding to my purchase. I half way reading at the moment. I am from Ireland but very nervous about taking the step to go back. The booklet is very well done. Great job. " - W. Rooney, somewhere in the USA

"The guide looks incredible. I look forward to reading it in the hopes of a future relocation to Ireland." - Derek B. from Orlando, FL, USA

"Many thanks for the publication - Excellent value - My granddaughter is about to embark on a medical career in Ireland and there are pages of very useful information." - K. Godden, location unknown

"Your guide to arriving and thriving in Ireland has been of some help- thanks for your vision to create it! " - J. Miller from Washington D.C, USA

"I have only had a brief time to look it over but it seems that it will be helpful. Once again thank you for the book and your patience with me." - Lisa H. from Vancouver, Canada

"First, great book. I've only had a chance to scan it but, man, it seems like you hit all the bases. My wife and I will be retiring in about 4 yrs. and we're looking for somewhere cool in the summers. Mississippi is pretty miserable May-September." - J. Payne from somewhere in Mississippi, USA

"Well done with your guide, it is very detailed." - Martin M from Dublin, Ireland

"Thanks for such a comprehensive guide." - Melissa A. from New York state, USA

"Thank you so much ... your information is wonderful .. do you think getting citizenship is possible for me as well?" - Person asked that their name and details be kept private

"May I congratulate you on the best work I have seen in this area? (In fact the only!) Very good!" - Eric D. from Des Moine, Iowa, USA

"Thank you kindly for your BRILLIANT product. I am studying it page by page as time permits. It has SO MUCH important information....things that I had not even thought of (as being important and/or necessary). I will continue to read it thoroughly till the last page....and have already made notes re various websites to check out." - L. Mitchell, from Melbourne, Australia

"I must say that already your book is fantastic I feel well armed in this new endeavour!" - Nicky V. from South Africa

"I spent two hours going over the copy that I printed, and thought it was very well done." - Michael B from New York City, USA.

"Thank you very much for this - it's a great help" - Rachel S. from Cairns, Australia

"Thanks for compiling such a resourceful tool." - Hank A. from Austin, Texas

"WOW! What a guide! What a daunting task it must be to move to Ireland without this guide." - Neill G. from Halifax, Canada

"Don't know how I would ever be able to do this move without this guide. But in 6 months I'll be there!" - Chris McV. from Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Thank you for your very interesting and useful guide "How to Arrive & Thrive in Ireland" - it has already answered many of our questions." - Joan T. from Liverpool, England

"It was so informative and interesting." - Sarah D. from Boston, USA

"I had a read of the "arrive and thrive" doc over the weekend & must compliment you on how well it has been written. All the questions I had in my mind have been laid to rest thanks to your paper. Thanks again & thanks for the excellent customer service you've been providing." - Liz L. from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"It is a very well put together guide." - James J. from New Jersey, USA

"Just wanted to let you know your guide has been very helpful, and it has taken the stress out of my move for me." - Barbara O. from Auckland, New Zealand

"Now that I have read your guide I have a plan of action - thanks for uncomplicating the process for me!" - Hardeep S. from Chennai, India

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