You can put all your fears about emigration to Ireland to rest here.

Congratulations, you've just found what you've been looking for.

Would you go on a long, difficult and important road trip without a map? Of course you wouldn't because the cost of failure is too great.

Yet people everywhere and every day do go without a map - when they move to Ireland.

Why not have a detailed and accurate Irish immigration map? A map that shows you the way from start to finish. A map that tells you what you should do and when.

A map that lets you know where there is danger as well as opportunity. A map that provides a solution to every Irish immigration problem.

"How to arrive and thrive in Ireland" equips you 100% with the knowledge and skills you need to claim your Irish citizenship or emigrate to and successfully settle in any part of Ireland.

You may be imagining yourself living quietly in an idyllic village in a pretty corner of Ireland. You may be dreaming of becoming a workplace success in the wondrous city that is Dublin. With this guide you can follow easy steps to fast make this a reality.

This guide combines the immigration knowledge and experience of people like you from around the world who have successfully settled in Ireland. These are their immigration and settling secrets, tips and techniques compiled into a single source. The very private keys to their success.

Immigration to Ireland is becoming a complicated and expensive process compared to most other countries. Nevertheless, once you know how, claiming Irish citizenship can be surprisingly easy. With the information in this guide, there is very little need for expensive immigration lawyers, consultants or agents.

Without this guide the entire process can be difficult and intimidating. Problems abound and mistakes will cost you in time and money. Once you're in Ireland your problems change to the challenges of settling in and achieving the things you're hoping for.

Securing the correct visa is seen by many as being the Holy Grail in the process. This is true for the early phase of immigration, but it's what happens once you've cleared immigration control that matters most in the long run. All the visas are thoroughly explained in the guide, although in the bigger scheme of things the visa is the easy part.

Until now it was very difficult to find out what emigrating to Ireland really entailed - this guide changes that. The fact is that no amount of endless scouring of the Web for free information will give you what is contained inside this guide. This guide provides you with not only the answer you need today, but also with the answers you'll need tomorrow and the days thereafter.

Wherever you are in the migrating process, this guide is Irish immigration made easy. The real nitty-gritty of emigrating to and succeeding in Ireland is only to be found here - so now you can relax, your search is over.

Please note: This guide only contains legal, ethical, above-board information. If you're looking to "beat the system" by cheating your way through it, then you won't find that kind of help in this guide. This is an honest product for honest people. Please only read on if you're intending living in Ireland on a legal basis.

Many Irish people themselves don't know most of the success secrets revealed inside this guide because immigrants look at everything with new eyes. Complicated issues are broken down and explained in such a clear and concise manner, that even a child can understand them - so there's no misunderstanding crucial details.

This ultimate guide, "How to arrive and thrive in Ireland", tells you the basics, as well as the insider secrets of emigration to Ireland. At times it may feel like you have an unseen guardian angel in Ireland, helping you every step of the way. The necessary practicalities of life that every new arrival has to deal with are explained and solved for you in this guide.

With this massive guide you get more than the "what to do", but crucially you get the "how, when, where, who and why" of emigrating to and settling in Ireland.

Why do people find Ireland such an attractive destination?

- social reasons: it's a stable society, tolerant of all lifestyles, low rates of crime with a mature democracy.

- lifestyle: cultural and historical activities and sites galore; lifestyle that offers something for everyone.

- education: sophisticated world-leading education facilities; world famous universities; free state schools attended by over 80% of school-age children with the balance attending private schools.

- healthcare concerns: sophisticated healthcare system available.

- welfare: a large welfare system to help you out if one of life's disasters befalls you.

- the people: warm, friendly and gregarious

This guide is for you if you want to know the answers to the following important questions...

  • ...Which visas do you qualify for?

  • ...How does the visa system work and what will it require from you?

  • ...What's the new visa for Americans that came in to being in September 2008?

  • ...Will you qualify for the Irish Green Card?

  • ...How do you claim Irish citizenship if you have Irish ancestors?

  • ...What's the best way to organise yourself before leaving for Ireland?

  • ...What are the things you can do before leaving home to make things easier in Ireland?

  • ...How do you bring your favourite pet with you? Is quarantine needed?

  • ...What's involved in taking a car to Ireland?

  • ...How do you go about finding a job? How can you gauge your job prospects?

  • ...How much tax can you expect to pay?

  • ...Is healthcare really free? Even for foreigners?

  • ...Can you study in Ireland and work at the same time?

  • ...Where can you afford to live?

  • ...Can you exchange your driver's licence for an Irish one?

  • ...Where can you send your kids to school?

  • ...Will your child have to learn the Irish language at school?

  • ...Many more such questions are answered in this comprehensive guide.

This comprehensive guide explodes the myths and exposes the truths of Irish immigration. Remember that it is written by migrants for migrants so that you feel confident to take the next step, every step of the way.

Feel free to visit the "Testimonials page" later to see what other people like you have had to say about "How to arrive and thrive in Ireland".

What does this practical and easy-to-use guide contain?

"How to arrive and thrive in Ireland" is written to allay your fears, provide essential information, suggest time- and money-saving tactics and reduce your stress. By the time you've finished reading this guide you will have mastered all the facets of Irish immigration and to set yourself up for a successful, stress-free relocation experience.

It will help you even if you are already a new arrival in Ireland and are finding the going tougher than you expected. Amongst other things, it will get you established much more quickly and with much less stress because it lets you know:

  • about which visa is suitable for your needs

  • what you need to do to secure a visa or work permit for Ireland

  • all about the Irish Green Card

  • about the new visa for Americans that came in to being in September 2008

  • when work permits are AND aren't necessary

  • what the difference is between a work permit, working visa and work authorisation

  • what 'Business Permission' is and how it works

  • what your employment rights are if you're on a student visa

  • which of your appliances you shouldn't take to Ireland

  • what you can and need to do before emigrating or relocating

  • what to expect when you arrive at your first point of entry into Ireland

  • know your PRTB from your PPSN

  • how to go about opening a bank account

  • how to find yourself suitable accommodation

  • what the procedures are when renting a dwelling

  • what a landlord has to tell the authorities about you

  • how the Irish labour market operates

  • how to go about finding a job

  • how employment agencies really work

  • what you have to give every Irish employer when you start work

  • how your kid's education needs can be met

  • what free healthcare you're entitled to

  • the one number you need to claim benefits from the state

  • and hundreds more similar useful practical things

Is this guide unique and only to be found here?

A little of what you'll read in the guide you may already know. Some of what you'll read you'll only find after years of searching. But here's a vital fact for you:most of what you'll read in the guide is not to be found written, published, broadcast or communicated in any way, anywhere else.

Most of the content is cold hard facts won at the cost of harsh personal experiences by other people. You will not only get to know about the pitfalls along the way, but also how to deal with them when you encounter them. You will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with any situation awaiting a new arrival in Ireland. Why go through the effort and expense of reinventing the wheel?

Countless dilemmas that confront new arrivals in Ireland are explained and overcome inside the guide, amongst other things.

This guide in no way serves as an advertisement for Ireland, but rather tells the facts, warts and all.

"How to arrive and thrive in Ireland" is only available through this website.

All content is derived from official government sources and the experiences of people who have lived through what is being written about. Get your facts from the people who are living the immigration experience and not just talking about it.

What will this valuable guide give you?

You will discover the following crucial information in detail:

  • 3 ways to gain Irish citizenship

  • 1 incredibly easy way of losing your Irish citizenship

  • 3 types of work permits

  • 2 routes to explore if you're struggling for a visa

  • 1 deadline that you may already have missed

  • 2 types of Irish Green Card

  • 1 new visa for Americans that came in to being in September 2008

  • 6 necessities for becoming a naturalised Irish citizen

  • 29 countries that enjoy very little visa requirements

  • 15 vital things you need to do before leaving with more than 3 months to go

  • 10 important things you'll need to do with 2 months remaining

  • 14 useful things you'll want to do with only a month to go

  • 7 practical things to do with a week remaining

  • 5 simple things you can do on the day of departure to calm your nerves

  • 4 temporary accommodation options until you find a permanent home

  • 11 types of accommodation in Ireland

  • 7 useful property websites for when you're looking to rent a home

  • 5 things a bank will want to see before opening an account for you

  • 5 types of educational facilities

  • 6 countries' whose social security contributions are recognized in Ireland

  • 9 factors affecting immigrants in the job market

  • 2 informal ways of securing employment that fills half the positions available

  • 1 Golden rule about employment (and few people know it)

  • 9 useful websites for when you're looking for a job in Ireland

  • 3 sneaky recruitment agency tricks you have to watch out for

  • 1 Big Secret of recruitment agencies that greatly improves your job prospects

  • 10 taxes explained

  • 1 great website if you're thinking of starting a business in Ireland

  • 9 clever tips for coping with the weather if it bothers you

  • 1 car insurance tip that will save you hundreds year after year

  • 100's of other things you didn't know about life in Ireland, but need to

The benefits and results for you are:

  • you will save TIME

  • you will save MONEY

  • you will be EMPLOYED quicker

  • you will find a new HOME quicker

  • you will endure LESS STRESS in your relocation

  • you will be more CONFIDENT when it matters most

  • you will SOLVE COMMON PROBLEMS and PREVENT crippling mistakes

Is it up-to-date?

As you study every word and concept in this guide you will become empowered from the detailed knowledge and hidden tricks, traps, tips and tactics revealed to you.

The current version (the 17th) was updated and released on 8th December 2017, and has even more content than the previous version, so everything written about is up-to-date and relevant. (The first version of this guide appeared in May 2005.) This new version boasts an eye-popping 183 pages of content.

All content is written in plain, simple English and does not read like a textbook. It's more like a compelling novel you would read indoors on a rainy day.

"How to arrive and thrive in Ireland" is also very useful to anyone only considering Ireland as an emigration destination. It allows you to fully explore and gauge all your prospects. Whether these are your visa options, employment possibilities or accommodation needs, your concerns are fully catered for in this guide.

Should you not immediately find the answer you're looking for, there are places listed inside the guide which enable you to quickly gain the clarity you need, especially regarding visas. It's a safe, cheap, fast and powerful way of finding out whether you're equipped for the challenge of Irish immigration - and equipping you if you're not.


With this guide you also get 3 vital weapons in your armoury that you must have before setting out to look for work in Ireland:

1) A Curriculum Vitae (CV) that is in the Irish format - which is nothing like a resume. This document is the record of your employment history and has to market you successfully in the highly competitive Irish labour market. This format is what is expected by Irish employers, recruitment agents and even immigration officials for certain types of visas. Anything other than this format will not get you the attention that you deserve. A template is included that helps you fill in all the necessary details where they have to appear. You also become privy to a few proven tips that make your CV stand out above your competitors. The value of this template to you is unquantifiable.

2) A complete separate Irish job interview guide crammed fulls of interview tips that will help you to navigate through the unfamiliar waters of Irish job interviews. This ebook alone sells elsewhere on the Internet for more than what you'll be paying for it here. You will have to contend with a culture very different to your own when you're job-hunting in Ireland. Innocent cultural mistakes can cost you dearly. Don't leave home without it.

3) You also get access to an incredibly detailed ebook that helps you make the most of your leisure time when in Ireland. It will help you and your family feel at home when in Ireland and is usefully crammed with maps and photos that show you the real Ireland of today.

4) An unique and practical guide on how to successfully deal with culture shock - the often overlooked factor that can easily sink your plans and ambitions in your new country. We all buy in to stereotypes and when the reality is shown to be somewhat different, this leads to confusion and anxiety - which is culture shock. This happens to us all (including those accompanying you in this move), but it's how we deal with culture shock that matters. Why not have this handy guide which can minimize the effects of culture shock and keep your plans on track?

With these bonuses you can immeasurably boost your employment prospects and likelihood of settling stress-free in Ireland. So don't be penny-wise and Pound-foolish. Get all this today - you won't regret it.

PLUS:You are entitled to having a free updated version of the guide at any time in the next year. So you can buy the guide now to help your planning today AND then get a fresh updated version just before you leave for your new life in Ireland.

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