Below is some excerpted comments from recent unsolicited emails sent in by satisfied users of this guide. These are the actual words of people who have kindly written in to voice their opinions. The people below have agreed to be quoted. Not everybody who has written in to voice their approval have responded to my request to their being quoted on this page. (I like to think that they had been helped in to Australia by my guide and their email addresses have changed.) People's full names have been omitted to protect their privacy and future plans. The location of the writer's below is not always stated in their emails and it seems some nationalities are more inclined to write in. Their exact emails are available to you upon request for your further inspection. I find the international appeal and approval received heart-warming.

"I think that when people are seriously considering relocation and want as much information as possible, your information pack is the answer. For people who plan and therefore like to make informed decisions and for them, the pack is ideal. Your service and level of detailed information is outstanding." - Anabela D. from Johannesburg, SA.

"I want to thank you for a wonderful book." - Alida from Bloemfontein, SA.


"I want to thank you for putting together such a helpful document! It has help ease many of our anxieties about immigrating to Australia!" - Samantha P. from Durban, SA.

"Thank you for all the useful info that your book contains. It's been a big help already." - Catherine H. from Hertfordshire, England.

"I have just purchased your guide and am enjoying it tremendously. Thanks for a wonderful guide!" - A. Vorster, somewhere in South Africa.

"I have had a quick look and it seems to be really useful. What amazes me is that it is well written, correctly spelled and, at least for the bits I know already, accurate." - P. Clark, England.

"Hi Vaughan. Thanks for your mail. I've downloaded the manual and had a quick look. There are lots to read! My Visa application is busy and will hopefully be completed in the next 6 months." - George S., Johannesburg SA

"This will make for some good holiday reading." - Jolanda W., whereabouts unknown

"Firstly, congrats on an excellent publication. I have seen your September 2005 edition and would like to order your latest version with extras!" - Allan O., Cape Town, SA

"This guide will a big help to me and my husband. I appreciate the timely fashion that you responded to my concerns and extremely satisfied with the product as well as your professionalism." - R.Wall, Ontario, Canada.

"Thank you for the work done, the information selected and put into user friendly chapters, for your advices and care. It is the image of Australia and its people. A great work coming from a great country." - M. Banova, Prague, Czech Republic

"Wow! I've had a quick glance through your guide and it's quite impressive. Gudonya!" - Jan, in Western Australia.

"I Thank You for your very valuable insight into the many aspects to consider. Very well thought out." - T. Anderson, location unknown.

"I would like to thank you for guide on how to arrive and thrive in australia! Its absolutely brilliant and extreemly helpful. I truley do not think you could have added anymore to assist those who want to immigrate." - Dr. J. Botha, somewhere in South Africa.

"I bought your book arrive and thrive and must compliment you with the detail, it help us a lot." - N. Cronje, Free State, SA.

"Thanks I have received your guide and it seems that all the information regarding oz are there. Just a lot of work to go through it all." - Dries, yet another South African.

"I have scanned through it already and it is definitely going to be of great help." - Neville L.

"Thank you for this document... it is a God send and an absolute MUST for anyone considering immigrating to Australia. I wish I had had this document three months ago, when I first started investigating an Australian move - it would have saved me much anxiety and research. Well done!" S. O'Donnell, Dublin, Ireland.

"There are already interviews in the pipeline and I'm quite excited. The guide for Australia already came in handy and is money well spend!" - Lizelle V., somewhere in SA.

"We like thousands of other disillusioned South Africans are considering Australia as our new home. We have stopped trying to learn Nkosi Sikelele Africa and have started learning Waltzing Matilida. Ek is Gatfol!!!!" - Mark W., guess where he's from.

"Thank you so much. its a stunning book. especially the interview part." - Mark P., location unknown.

"Thank you very much for the guide, it is excellent!!" - Sonja C., from Pretoria, South Africa

"Your book is stunning." - E. Weisner, Switzerland.

"The guide is very helpful, and extremely well set out in an order that helps me arange my many questions." - Charmaine

"I have only had time for quick glimpse through as yet, but looks packed full of very useful info... can`t wait to get some time & get reading up in how to realise my dreams..." - Dawn from London, England.

" Thanks a mil. Just scanned over it, but sh*t it is a lot of work." - Christelle, Durban, South Africa.

"We have started the immigration process this week and we're going to need all the help we can get !!" - Dalene, location unknown.

"Thanks very much for putting together a most interesting book. It really caters for everyone's needs and covers a wide range of aspects. It will sure help us very much." - N. Martens, South Africa.

"I wanted to comment on the guide that I ordered a while ago. I found it to be excellent, very informative and easy to understand." - Adv. Moller, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

"Thanks very much. Nice and comprehensive." - Steve, location unknown.

"Thank you for the informative product that you have made available. I have read through most of it. It has been enormously helpful!" - N. Wickens, Oxfordshire, England.

"Thank you for the insightful 'book' that you have put together regarding Australia." - Russell V., Lancashire, England.

"It is very helpful and interesting and I am sure the insider tips will come in handy." - Sharon R., Guildford, England.

"We are not sure how we qualify etc, so your book will help give us a good guide line to work with." - Sherry H., New York, USA.

"We have just started the visa application process and are full of questions. I was searching on the net last night for information when I found your website - I can only say that it is the best pounds I have spent. It's better than my book I read on the train." - Anne M., London, England.

"Thanks for the update! Just glancing through the book it looks like it will be a life saver. I attended a Careers Down Under seminar in Houston Texas and found the truths about immigration to Australia to be right on par with what you have stated. Only they left out all of the many jewels. As I know my journey will be a well thought out and therefore time consuming process, I will very much appreciate the updates to continue to come as you find changes in policy or find extra tid bits of information." - Mark L., Houston, Texas.

"Still a minefield, so much to weigh up, what you have sent me has been very informative, i am sure i will be in touch in the near future." - J. Grant, England.

"Just returned from Oz for a holiday and found your information extremely useful. Many thanks for the update I look forward to reading it." - Gary D., St. Albans, Herts, England.

"BLESS YOUR HEART and thank you very much. We are now in Australia and boy.....its been a ride gettin here and trying to adjust. I think I'm still in shock! I really do appreciate your wisdom. Once again many thanks." - Darlene, from Hawaii, USA.

"Great book with very good tips." - Sunil, from Bangalore, India.

"Arrive and Thrive in Australia is extremely useful and packed full of appropriate advice for hopeful migrants! Thanks again." - T. Daines, Essex, England.

"I have not myself worked through your guide but my wife has. She has not stopped praising it." - P. O'Neill, from Galway, Ireland.

"Already deep into research and your booklet has been quite informative. I appreciate your work in getting this out to those who need it." - L. Hoover, Ohio, USA.

"Hi Vaughan. Thank you for your informative reply. You've been very helpful." - Sam B., Toronto, Canada.

"Thankyou for the book Arrive and Thrive in Australia. There is all the info that I want especially what the Aussies look for in a interview before appointing someone. It seems difficult, but possible." - Joe H., South Africa

"I am pleased to say after all this time searching i happened to find your book for sale,if i would have found this from day 1,i would probably be in australia now. This book is literally for everyone and anyone looking to travel or live in Australia,if it be for just a long stay,working holiday or to live their, this book is a must have. A bargain as well." - Lee C., Birmigham, UK.

"It is al the info plus more that I need. I will surely use this info wisely. My VISA application has been in Adelaide for two months now, so I hope to have my visa by March 2007." - C. Nel, Witbank, South Africa.

"It has a huge load of information and I'm so worried that I won't be able to read it in time to gain as much information as possible, but I must tell you the book is great. I never knew there were so much things we had to know before leaving SA. Thank you for your good service and advice, we need more people like you in life." - Rhona K., Kimberley, South Africa.

"Just wanted to e-mail to thank you for the guide, which is absolutely great..and covers everything I needed....Much appreciated..." - Caroline C., Stanley, Falkland Islands (!?)

"I purchased your document "How to Arrive and Thrive in Australia" about 6 months ago. It is some of the best money I have ever spent as the document is comprehensive and full of useful advise. Thank you very much." - Mark C., Norfolk, England

"It is a very interesting read and should help us greatly in our attempt to immigrate to South Australia." - Mark & Lisa, Boise, Idaho, USA

"We lived in Melbourne as a family for a year during my studies, so a lot of the stuff is familiar or even redundant, but there is still SO much useful info, and it has already (after 3 days) paid for itself even just for the 3-month checklists that we have started to work on. Well Done! PS: The PDF-format is just so useful! It's on my laptop so it's fully portable, and the soft-format also means you can do searches and stuff that you can't with a printed version." - Dr Campbell, Cape Town, South Africa.

"We think your info is GREAT and we are really enjoying the read." - E. Martin, Auckland, New Zealand.

"Thanks for your great product." - Lee from London, England.

"I read a lot of the guide last night. I am now only about 4 weeks from moving to Australia for a new job. If I hadn't read some of the information in you guide I would have been in for some serious head aches. I still have time to make the necessary changes that will make things a lot easier for me. If I hadn't read your guide I would have never thought to get a drivers abstract, mortgage history or other similar documents to take with me. I didn't realize how unprepared that I was. When I have more time to digest your information and once I have arrived in Oz I'll drop you a line and let you know how things went and how your guide helped. I know you have probably heard this before, but Thanks!" - Jeff from Vancouver, Canada.

"The investment in your guide has really been worthwhile, even though much of it would have been more useful if I had known about it instead of discovering everything the hard way over the last two years!" - J. Green from South Africa

"Fantastic guide - thank you so much!" - Becky from Kansas, USA

"The employment section was excellent." - Hasim from Durban, South Africa

"I enjoyed reading it from start to finish. It was easy to read." - Niall from County Cork, Ireland

"Now that I know about the Big Secret of Australian recruiters my job prospects have improved." - Chris from Auckland, New Zealand

"Wow! I don't think I'd have made it otherwise." - Jason from Ontario, Canada

"I liked the Insider Info tips the most." - Sanjiv from Bangalore, India

"The sections on employment and accommodation are worth several times more than the asking price." - Jeremy from New Jersey, USA

"Even though I'd spent weeks doing research online, it's really helping me in Australia." - Bob from Scotland, UK

"It's making all the difference to my time in Australia." - Ernesto from Brazil

"I wouldn't want to do this without the "Insider Info". - J. Oliver from New York, USA

"I liked the easy-to-read style that it written in. Given the massive size of the guide it would otherwise read like a boring textbook." - Matt from New Zealand

"My company's sending us to Australia. Your guide has helped us with the packing arrangements already." - Daniel from Gauteng, South Africa

"I'm not dreading moving to Australia now, much to my hubby's relief." - Susan from Vancouver, Canada

"I've got myself to Sydney, only to find a minefield of problems waiting for me. Your guide has solved almost every one of them so far." - Michael in Sydney, Australia

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