Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney Harbour is the world's largest natural harbour. It was Australia's busiest harbour for a while. Nowadays it is popular with cruise ships which start and end their journeys here. It is still a bustling harbour, but mostly with commuter ferries and small pleasure craft.

I took this photo of the South Heads from a seaplane and am looking southward. Out of shot opposite is the North Heads. These two heads serve as the gateway to Sydney harbour, which is to the right of the photo. To the left is the Pacific Ocean.

A cruise ship glides past the Sydney Opera House. The ship was enroute to a Pacific Islands cruise. Such cruises are popular in the Summer months.

The classic Sydney city centre skyline photo, but this time with a cruise ship included. The are where the cruise ship is docked is called Circular Quay, which is the water-borne transport hub in Sydney.

Here is a panoramic photo of a portion of Sydney's skyline on a cloudy day (yes, cloudy days do happen). In the foregound is the Manly Ferry making its way to Circular Quay. Overhead is a sight-seeing helicopter.

Here is the famous Bondi Beach. The beach itself is excellent and is well attended by lifeguards and police. The suburb itself is a hotch-potch of styles and lifestyles.

Sydney's architecture is typical of a young colonial city that continues to evolve. In the foreground is turn-of-the-last-century shops, while in the background is newer hotel and office buildings. Every few years another skyscraper joins the Sydney skyline.

North of Sydney is a series of bays and coves that offer quitessential seaside living. This is some of the housing stock to be found at one of these sites, Hardys Bay

The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you look carefully, you will see on the top of the bridge a few people standing. Dozens of people each day pay handsomely for the privelege of climbing the bridge. If you can't be bothered with the effort and cost, then I have a tip for you. On the left of the picture is two concrete towers that are part of the bridge. The one closest to Circular Quay has a museum in it which is worth a visit and has a viewing platform on top.

Vaucluse is the premier suburb in Sydney. Properties here change ownership for millions of dollars, sometimes tens of millions.

Sydney as seen from the air. In the foreground you have the Pacific Ocean, then the South Heads with some of the Eastern Suburbs, then the harbour proper. At the top of the photo is the city centre and to its right is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. To the left of the photo is the southern suburbs and to the right is the inner northern suburbs.

The iconic Sydney Opera House stands imperious whilst one of the many ferries speeds past on its way to stops along Watson's Bay.

The inner north shore suburb of Kiribilli is very popular because it is close to the city centre and offers fantastic views from most properties. Many properties in Sydney offer views of the water, a factor that has lead to such properties commanding a premium in the local property market.

The Sydney Opera House seems slightly different through the course of the day as the sun arcs across the sky. Each tile on the roof is unique (hence the huge cost of the building) and catches the sun in different ways as the sun moves.

Doyles Restaurant is something of an institution in Sydney. Its great food and fantastic panoramic view of the city centre is popular with Sydneysiders and tourists alike. It is on a water taxi and ferry stop, but can also be reached by car.

A Manly ferry commuter enjoying the sunshine on her way to work. What does your daily commute to work look like?

Sydney has a small monorail system that stops at a dozen stations around the city centre. It is largely used by tourists as the waiting time can be quite long and Sydneysiders like to walk.

Milson's Point is a so-called "inner north shore" suburb that offers great views over Sydney harbour. It is physically close to the cbd and has a dedicated ferry that shuttles young professionals to and fro from the city centre.

Watson's Bay is on the eastern side of Sydney harbour. The suburbs along its coastline are the most expensive in Sydney and are collectively referred to as the "Eastern Suburbs". Properties on the top of the hill enjoy views over the harbour and the sea, so they have the morning and evening sun. You can learn more about Sydney's suburbs in the free bonus report that accompanies the guide.

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