Melbourne, Victoria

The Melbourne central business district (cbd) skyline. The Yarra River is in the foreground and this meanders through the city to the nearby sea. Melbourne has a population of about 3.5 million inhabitants.

The selection of housing stock in Melbourne is very diverse. You can read more about this in the bonus report that comes with the guide. This photo was taken in the beachside suburb of St. Kilda, which is a very sought-after place to live.

This is the main entrance to the Flinders Street train station. This station serves as the gateway to the city centre for the tens of thousands of commuters who use it daily.

Melbournites like their urban art. This photo captures a street scene in which weary tourists take a rest on some functional urban art in the Melbourne city centre.

The tallest building in the southern hemisphere is to be found in Melbourne. It's called the Eureka Skydeck and is sited on the south bank of the Yarra River in the city centre. It has a viewing floor on the 88th floor which is the top floor. It has a very speedy lift that gets you there, so I hope you have a head for heights.

Melbourne has a very extensive tram system that runs through the city centre and out toward the older suburbs. There is even a free central city circular route that is very popular with tourists.

The Melbourne city centre is designed on an American grid system. It is quite a flat city, so walking is easy. Melbourne has sizeable Italian and Greek communities and their restaurants are popular. Melbourne also has the first Chinese community establised in Australia almost 200 years ago.

Melbourne served as Australia's first capital, before Canberra was thought of. It is considered by many to be the most European city in Australia. The architecture reflects this. In this street scene the tallest building in town towers over the smaller and older buildings.

From the Eureka Skydeck viewing floor you get a great view out over Melbourne. In the bottom left of this photo is Flinders Street train station. In the centre is the bunker-like musuem quarter. Top left is the Melbourne cbd. The Yarra River winds to the right where it reaches the sea.

Here is a typical Melbourne street scene. In the centre of the street is a tram stop where commuters wait. Vehicle traffic circulates around them. Trams run down the centre of the streets.

The Yarra River dissects Melbourne and compared to other Australian city centre rivers, it is somewhat under-utilised. There is the occasional tourist river boat, but the most common traffic appears to be rowing boats. It seems like every few years another skyscraper pops up along its banks.

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