Brisbane, Queensland

The Brisbane city centre with the Brisbane River in the foreground. Brisbane is now regarded as Australia's third largest city and has a population of almost 3 million. Many people think that it located on the famed Gold Coast and is on the coast. The truth is that it is quite some distance inland and is in fact a river city. The Gold Coast is more than hour's drive away to the south-east on the coast and its biggest city is Surfer's Paradise (yes, that's an actual name). The Sunshine Coast is more than an hour's drive away in a north-easterly direction.

The Brisbane River twists and turns its way through Brisbane. As such it affords ample opportunity for riverside living. We humans like living next to water and in Brisbane you are never far from the river. The river also serves as a major tranport highway, with a fleet of municipal river ferries that speedily ply the waters serving suburbs up- and downstream from the city centre.

Brisbane is a quite a flat city, with few skyscrapers (except in the city centre) and few hills. High-rise blocks of flats and apartments are rare away from the river's edge. Out in the suburbs buildings are low rise. Lovers of Nando's (a chain of peri-peri chicken restaurants) will be glad to hear that Nando's has spread its wings to Australia (pun intended).

Here's a classic photo of Brisbane - sun, water and easy living by the river. It's quite a compact city and well laid out, so getting around is quick and easy.

Brisbane has a variety of architecture in the city centre which reflects its history. Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland and as such has many government jobs. More about Brisbane's economy can be found in the free bonus report that accompanies the guide.

Here is a photo of the only beach in Brisbane. A few years ago the city elders decided to create a man-made beach on the banks of the Brisbane River. The sand is imported from the coast and the beach is open all year round. It's located on the west bank of the river, near the university, so it is popular with students.

The river has several large bridges crossing it which connects the various parts of the city that it separates. Because it has such an amenable climate, many people cycle or jog to work. Pollution is not a problem in Brisbane.

Public transport in Brisbane is dominated by the bus network. Thousands of buses have lanes and bridges dedicated to their use. The buses are environmentally friendly as they use low-emission bio-fuels. Australia takes the environment very seriously.

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