Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is the state capital of the state of South Australia and has just over a million inhabitants. The central business district (cbd) in Adelaide is laid out in a grid system, but has wide roads and is thus not beset by gridlock like other cities laid out in a grid fashion. The city centre is punctuated by urban art, something the Australians seem to like very much.

Adelaide has its own tram system, albeit a small one. The route it follows is from the city centre westward out toward the pleasant seaside suburb of Glenelg. More about Adelaide's suburbs and economy can be found in the free bonus report that accompanies the guide.

The Torrens River flows through the centre of Adelaide. This river's existence led to the city being sited where it is. Adelaide was the first settlemnt in Australia founded on the basis of a royal decree and not as a penal colony like many other Australian settlements.

This is the Adelaide skyline as seen from Pennington Gardens. In the foreground is the Adelaide Oval, the home of cricket in south Australia. They take cricket very seriously in Adelaide, largely because of the legacy of Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest ever batsman who came from Adelaide.

The Glenelg marina is a recent addition to the suburb of Glenelg. This suburb is very popular on weekends because of its large, sandy, clean beach. Some of the best restaurants in Adelaide are to be found in the marina.

Adelaide has something novel when it comes to public transport - a solar powered bus. This bus runs a small circuit around the northern city centre and all for free. Its silence takes some getting used to.

The Adelaide entertainment complex is the centre for concerts, shows and exhibitions in Adelaide. It is located on the North Terrace in the city centre and is close to the train station, tram stops and main roads.

This is Henley Beach, just north of Glenelg. This beach is not as popular for two reasons: firstly, it is not on the tram system and secondly it is on the flightpath for the airport, so a couple of times an hour a plane thunders overhead.

The Rundle Street Mall is the main shopping district in Adelaide. On Friday nights and weekends the restaurants are very popular with locals and immigrants alike.

This is the inside of one of the trams. As you can see it is new, clean and well maintained. In the foreground is a ticket validator. Passengers are expected to buy tickets before boarding and check themselves in once aboard the tram. The old fashioned honour system still exists in Australia.

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