In my travels around Australia I have taken many photographs that I'd like to share with you. Below are some of my better ones that I've organised into photo galleries for you to browse through. Many of them were taken in the last 3 months of 2010.

Many people wanting to move to Australia have a single city or region in mind as to where they wish to settle in Australia. It might be a good idea to know a little about other cities in Australia so that you can make a balanced, informed decision.

Australia is massive and surprisingly diverse. Each city has unique, positive characteristics that the others do not. Much more detailed information about each of the cities is available in the 20-page bonus report that accompanies the guide.

I would suggest that you start with the "General" gallery first. This has information, photos and humour from around Australia that is worth seeing and knowing about irrespective of where you finally settle in Australia.

I hope that my photos provide you with a better, truer picture of what Australia offers anyone wanting to relocate to Australia.

Please click on any or all of the gallery titles below to see the photos.

Vaughan Vandenberg

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