Today you may be stressed about your visa options. But a visa is useless if you can't find a job or a place to stay or a school for your child. This common immigrant's situation is far more stressful.

Also, have you considered how much time and money you'll be putting in to your move to Australia? Quite a lot, isn't it?

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You can order with safety and certainty through this site. In the event of your requesting a refund, if I don't live up to my guarantee, the credit card processor will honour my pledge. They will quickly take the money out my account reserves that they always retain. They will also cancel my account and blacklist me in the industry. Not living up to my guarantee would be counter-productive and very costly to me. So have no fear, I'll be there to issue you a refund if you want it. You even get to keep the guide should you be refunded.

So the risk is all mine. I've put time and effort in to writing the guide, managing this website, etc. If you don't like the guide, you get your money back and I lose all my time and effort. I'll keep losing if my guide is rubbish. But it isn't, so we're both happy.

My friends say that the chapter on employment is alone worth several times more than the asking price.

How much does this highly beneficial guide cost?

The cost of this unrivalled guide (which includes the 3 great must-have bonuses) is currently a tiny £13 (or US$24). Given the enormity of this move in your life that you're undertaking, this comprehensive guide is very affordably priced.

It is usually priced at US$49 (£25), but the current reduced price is valid only until the end of

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"If you think information is expensive, have you tried ignorance?"

Please don't think of this guide as a book. Remember instead that you are benefiting from proven knowledge and effective solutions to a myriad of common problems that you WILL encounter.

The guide on its own is 179 A4 pages (over 95 000 words) and 283 pages with all its bonuses, which if it were in a traditional hardcopy book format would be well over 400 pages. The file to download contains the guide plus bonuses and is 1.9 megabytes in size. The total package comprises over 157,000 words with dozens of useful website addresses, all providing pure facts, proven techniques and solid experience. NO NONSENSE, NO PADDING, NO ADVERTISING, NO B***S***.

Why isn't this all free?

Why charge a price for information in the Information Age where most things are free? This work is of value, whilst what is often freely available on the Net isn't really of value. Restricting yourself to "free" information means you're equipping yourself to compete with the hordes of people who have the same free information. Better knowledge can only ever lead to superior results.

Furthermore, something gained for free is often not appreciated and ends up being discarded. It would also be cruel and wrong to get people without money excited about the prospect of a better life. Also, my time is of value and it's only fair that I get something back for my time spent constantly updating the guide, administering this site and answering emails.

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Why isn't this guide available in physical book format? Most importantly, any printed book dealing with immigration to Australia is dangerously out of date before it hits the shelves. This guide is regularly updated so that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you. Also the market for this guide is so small that no publisher is interested in it. Furthermore, printers work on large volume runs. A printed version would cost several times this price, making this exercise uneconomic for you and me. The internet thus allows for this guide to be in existence at all, quickly available, safely downloaded and all affordably for you.

Furthermore, the popular document formats offered mean that you'll not have any concerns over whether or not you'd be able to read the guide if it was in a fancy program that may not work on your operating system.

Now I like having a printed book in my hands as much as anyone, but when the subject matter (such as visas) keeps changing and the information is important, then I accept that the benefits of the information matters more than the format it all comes in. Don't you agree?

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If you have any other questions or suggestions about the guide or this site, feel free to contact me at vaughan[dot]aus[at]arriveandthrive[dot]com. If you want to phone me to discuss the guide (not visa issues), send me an email stating this and I'll respond with my phone number.

If at any stage in the next 90 days you want your money back, just send me an email saying so (I won't even ask why, although I'd dearly like to know). If I don't refund you within 5 working days, then you can contact PayPal and they'll do it on my behalf.

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You're just moments away from being party to some of the best kept secrets about successfully moving to Australia, so click on the link above.

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P.S. -- Remember that this guide has EVERYTHING that you will need and want to know about getting to and living successfully in Australia. It's a "must-have" if you're thinking of coming to Australia.

P.P.S. -- If you're not totally satisfied with this guide, you'll get a full refund and promptly too - guaranteed.

Vaughan Vandenberg

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