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I get a kick out of helping people. I like to help people to help themselves. Unfortunately I can not help everybody. It just isn't practically possible.

On a typical day I get over 100 emails, asking my advice on all sorts of matters. I like getting questions because they keep me on my proverbial toes - the answers keep the guide fresh and relevant for people like you.

However, please understand that my time has to be spent on answering questions from the people who have bought the guide. It's only fair after all. I can not spend my days answering questions when those answers are already in the guide.

All the questions that I have answered over the years (since 2005) have been added to the guide, so the likelihood is that the answer to your question is in the guide. As Australia's immigration policy is constantly evolving, it is inevitable that there will be changes. If these changes affect you and the answer is not in your copy of the guide, let me know and I'll do my level best to get you the correct answer - and will include it in the next edition of the guide for others to benefit from. After all, the information in the guide that you are benefitting from is quite likely to have been a question that somebody posed to me some time ago.

If you have a question that is not answered in the guide, there is a procedure to contact me directly if you have bought the guide. This procedure is explained in the beginning of the guide.

Please note: I am not an imigration agent / laywer / advisor. I can not give individualised advice on a case by case basis. I am merely someone who has put together a resource that helps people emigrate to Australia by doing it themselves - without having to hand over thousands to some agent who fills in the forms on their behalf. Any detailed information you require should be in the guide.

If you have a question unrelated to content that is most likely in the guide, then simply send me an email on vaughan[dot]aus[at]arriveandthrive[dot]com and I'll respond once I've had a chance to trawl through my constantly overflowing spam folder.

I'm sorry that I am unable to provide a telephone number, but past experience has taught me that time zones mean nothing to some people, especially people who like to indulge in the telephone equivalent of spam.

I look forward to hearing from you - especially if you have read the guide.

Kindest regards

Vaughan Vandenberg

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